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About Moving Smarter

At Moving Smarter, we are dedicated to providing top quality relocation services for less. We specialize in do-it-yourself moves that save time and money. Moving Smarter was founded by a team of experienced transportation professionals, with 50 years of collective experience. Let us take the stress out of moving by providing you with a one-on-one moving specialist who will help you plan and execute your move. By using our trusted long distance moving service, you get the control, reliability, and cost savings you deserve; without the pain staking process of having to figure it out all by yourself. Simply pack a truck, let one of our professional drivers drive the truck to your new home, then unpack your belongings. By eliminating the many costs, risks, and hassles of renting your own moving truck, you gain piece of mind in knowing your belongings are in safe hands with an insured mover, as well as significant cost savings when adding up all the costs of renting a moving truck.

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